Topwater Graphics c. 1995

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Best Fishing Lure Gift

T opwater Clothing Company recognizes the fine detail and craftsmanship associated with antique wooden lures/flies. Many of the more well-known antique lures (before the advent of plastic in the 1940’s) were commonly produced with glass eyes, hand-assembled wooden bodies, and brass hooks. These antique lures provide an historical insight to a time that once was.

The materials used in these classic lures were produced with what materials were available at the time. Due to World Wars I and II, a lot of commonly used materials were primarily used for the war effort. During these war years, there were many variations in the construction of lures. The artwork on the boxes and promotional materials are also a reflection of a past era.

One interesting side note, the boxes in which the lures came in are sometimes worth more than the lures themselves, depending on their condition. This is due to the fact that most anglers destroyed or discarded the packaging that came along with the lures.

Topwater Clothing Company believes that there are few better nostalgic feelings than opening up your father’s or grandfather’s tackle box and smelling reel oil, mosquito repellent, and scents that transport us to the special times we experienced as children and/or young adults. Opening up an old tackle box full of some of the most beautiful, sought-after antique lures still excites one beyond measure.

Our purpose is to reproduce these beautiful art pieces (antique lures/flies) onto caps, shirts, and accessories. One can proudly display his or her favorite lure/fly with one of these mediums, even when their tackle collection is at home.

Topwater Clothing Company strives to be a feel-good company that inspires memories that one can enjoy for a lifetime. Please take the time to reminisce with us, and please help to preserve all of our natural resources.